A generation shaped by smartphones, the iGen

Obviously smartphones have changed how we behave, in many ways for the worse.  Jean Twenge in the Atlantic shows how clearly this has affected kids born between 1995 and 2012, the iGen as she calls them.  A very interesting read:


The Smartphone Generation: A Statistical Portrait form The Atlantic. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/has-the-smartphone-destroyed-a-generation/534198/

Welcome to sucint.io!

Our goal is to share our knowledge on electronic product design for low-power applications such as IoT, wearables, and medical devices.  Topics will include a smattering from management topics to hard-core electrical engineering including:

  • Innovation (it’s a process not an invention)
  • Product Management (from opportunity identification to product launch)
  • Outsourcing: Offshoring and Nearshoring (with a bit of a personal bias)
  • Electronic Design (the nitty gritty) covering a variety of topics:
    • Embedded system design
    • Microcontrollers, Wireless Radios and combined Systems on Chip
    • Testing and benchmarking
  • Industrial Design and product packaging (admittedly, with a little help from some friends)

Wherever possible our goal is to give you a simple and concise explanation first, so you can get to the main point and move on, then give you the option to dig deeper into the rabbit hole.

We hope you enjoy it!