Measuring micro-amp and nano-amp current on the cheap

In order to test and benchmark the various products we will discuss including microcontrollers (MCU’s),  integrated BlueTooth systems on chip (SoC), we need to have equipment capable of accurately measuring currents in the nanoamp (nA) and microamp (μA) range.  One of the least expensive ways I have found to do this is using this μCurrent from Dave Jones who writes the EEVBlog.  Plug it into your favorite multimeter or data recorder and set the correct current range, and your off!

uCurrent Gold precision low-current multimeter adapter
uCurrent Gold from Dave Jones at EEVBlog

The key to this device is that it has a very low burden voltage, which means that the measurement itself won’t disturb the actual device under test much by dropping voltage along the line it’s connected to.